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Landlord Info

We offer landlords the opportunity to maximize their rent return on properties including apartments and townhouses in the best locations in Accra, Ghana.

We only let properties developed by Clifton Homes, so we are exclusively focused in our promotion of your property and motivation to maximise your return on investment

We offer our clients a choice of two different service packages:

Lettings Service

We will find and place the right tenant for your property. Perfect for landlords who want the tenancy to be initiated but are then able to manage the tenant relationship themselves throughout the term of the tenancy.

6.0% landlord commision
(inclusive of VAT)

Property Management

A fully managed service, alllowing you to take a "hands-off" approach to your investment. We take care of all negotiations and legal paperwork required to place your tenant, and then continue to be their sole point of contact on all matters throughout the tenancy.

10.5% landlord commission
(inclusive of VAT)

Choose the right service for your needs ...

Lettings Service Property Management
Advertise and market property
Find a tenant and negotiate written offer
Prepare Tenancy Agreement & Negotiate Terms Optional
Coordinate Signing & maintain records
Conduct tenant Check-in
Check-in Inventory Optional
Collect Advance Rent, Security Deposit & Service Charge
Hold Tenant Security Deposit
Sole Point for Contact for Tenant
Arranging repairs and maintenance
Arrange payment of outgoings
Keyholding service
Check-out process and inventory
Advising on Security Deposit deductions
Annual Maintenance inspection

To sign up or find out more about our service, please contact us on 020 467 7033 or

+233 (0)20 467 7033 / +233 (0)30 278 6726 / / 34 Senchi St, Airport Residential, Accra, Ghana