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85% of Clifton Homes’ Tenants Choose to Renew

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85% of Clifton Homes’ Tenants Choose to Renew

Andrew Keese

Our statistics for the past 2 years demonstrate that 85% of Clifton Homes’ tenants renew their lease agreements at the end of their initial tenancy. This is a fantastic vote of confidence, and indication of the level of satisfaction amongst our Lettings residents.

Out of the 15% of our tenants who do not renew their tenancy agreements, the vast majority do so because they are leaving the city or country, and others as they have decided to purchase a property to occupy locally.

This bodes well for our buy-to-let investors, as it gives further indication of sustained market demand for high quality, reasonably priced rentals in central Accra.

For further information on buy-to-let opportunities with Clifton Homes, contact our Sales team on: / +233 (0)20 467 7033 / +233 (0)30 2786726